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  • The power of speech

    Talking is very healing in case you have not tried it lately. I promise you. Sometimes we talk and don’t think about what we are saying. Often when we are talking, we don’t feel what we are saying. But when we speak in an honest, open and heartfelt way, we are not only thinking about what we are saying but we are also feeling it. There is a big difference. Ask anyone who is speaking? Are you talking just to say words? Maybe- but stop for a minute and think about how you feel when you are speaking?  Are you angry, happy, indifferent, envious, proud, disappointed? Etc., etc. you get my drift. That is where life lives. Life lives in our conversations with ourselves and others when we hear and feel what we are saying.

    When you speak to me, you are not judged for what you are saying, you are just heard. Heard with an open heart, mind and you are in a judgement free zone. You are respected for what words are being said and the feelings behind them. You are in a safe place where you are allowed to say what you think and feel. The very essence of therapy is talk and talk therapy allows just that. Don’t be disillusioned by the simplicity of this term. Talking is anything but simplistic as anyone who has spoken recently would know.