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  • Telehealth

    I hope telehealth psychotherapy services are here to stay. Telehealth has opened the door for people who may have thought about seeking out therapy but for one reason or another didn’t have the fortitude to go see someone in person in their office, maybe they were not ready to take that therapy plunge. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain things about in office therapy sessions that can’t and will not be replaced on a video call but I won’t go into details about that in this blog. I want to speak about the benefits of telehealth therapy. Talking to someone from the comfort of your own home or car for that matter creates a level of anonymity of a sort. Yes, you can see your therapist and they can see you, but there is a computer or a phone in front of you and maybe you are miles away. This anonymity may make someone feel safer to express their feelings more honestly. You are also surrounded by your creature comforts of your home or car and what is more relaxing and conducive to discussing your problems and feelings while being comforted by your pillow, your scenery and your furry pets? You’re just not going to get that level of ease and comfort to be that vulnerable in an office setting that is not your own. It also can be a huge time saver. Just think about how little time we have these days?  We often don’t or can’t make time for ourselves. Now we can cut out 30 – 60 minutes of travel time and also avoid inclement weather or transportation difficulties that interfere at times with caring for our emotional selves. So please, let’s have telehealth here to stay if nothing else but for the convenient factor for those of us who want or need that in our lives.